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Our Philosophy


We devote every single day and every single moment to focussing on the personal care needs of our customers, because it enables them to express their personalities and face the world with confidence.
At Em & Em, we belive that beauty is for each individual. There isn’t a single uniform model of beauty. Beauty is diverse. And, every single person has the right to feel beautiful every day.
In a market that undergoes transformations everyday, we move ahead each year to make the best in personal care available to everyone. It is our ambition to meet the needs of every woman, aligned to her habits and lifestyle.
To make this vision of ours a reality our research reinvents itself to create personal care products adapted to suit the diverse desires and needs of today’s aspirational women.

For us, beauty is not a business, beauty is a commitment.

Brand Iraa
Brand Iraa stands for the promise of giving customers the best in personal care innovation - in quality, efficacy and safety, while delivering multiple benefits.
We offer highly effective and value added products, delivered through one of a kind natural ingredients and extracts, sourced from all over the world.
Our research centre enables the invention of 'next trend' products while drawing inspiration from beauty rituals the world over.

It is our vision to build the Iraa of tomorrow, today.

Team Iraa
Mohit Lalvani | Managing Director

An entrepreneur at heart, Mohit hails from the Maximum city - Mumbai, India. He joined the Mascot Group in 1989, and is now the Managing Director of four companies. He loves travelling and meeting new people and is a prominent member of the Amil Sindhi Community. He likes to often unwind with some wine, which he collects from across the world from his travels, along with his wife - Mumtaz. They have 8 kids – 2 humans, 5 cats and 1 dog.
Nanda Asudani | CEO

In her illustrious career of over 20 years, she has created and promoted numerous new products in the fashion, lifestyle and home arena. She has worked with high end and mass retail chains across Asia, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. Nanda loves the “exotic “way of life. Be it creating a brand, which is using exotic natural ingredients from around the world, or travelling to offbeat locales or trying out outlandish cuisines, she likes to dabble in things that extend beyond the ordinary. But her true talent lies in speaking “Chinglish” - English, in a Chinese accent.
Hiren Asudani | Executive Director – Marketing & Strategy

Hiren enjoys meeting new people, making friends and building relationships across multiple cultures and borders. He has over 22 years of diverse industry experience gained through leadership roles spanning Mobile Telcom, Value Added Services, Direct Marketing & Loyalty, Consumer internet and Industrial Engineering in India, USA and Canada. A perennial learner and human observer, Hiren is passionate about building and scaling consumer and technology-centric businesses. While he loves traveling, sailing, and running marathons, and spending time with his kids, Hiren enjoys coaching teams in the areas of strategy, marketing, business building and product development. He also passionately mentors startups, some of which are on the way to become established players in their fields.
Leena Mukhi | Director - Product Development

Leena likes to defy stereotypes by being the Master of all trades she dabbles into. When she isn’t drawing sketches for her next collection of Women’s designerwear she runs her own spa & salon in South Bombay. With extensive knowledge in the beauty industry, it was only natural for Leena to head product development at Iraa. She keeps up to date on International trends in cosmetics and utilizes her keen sense to discover valuable insights. Her interaction with the discerning consumer gives her the edge to conceptualize and develop interesting personal care products. Her love for chocolates and dogs came together beautifully as she just brought home a Beagle puppy, and named him ‘Tobler
Tanushree Rao | Sr. Manager - Marketing

Tanushree is a lover of all things beautiful. In fact, it’s her love for beauty that brought her to work for Iraa. At the young age of 21, fresh out of Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai; she walked into LÓreal HQ, Mumbai and expressed her desire to work there. Since then, she’s never looked back. Having worked on international and national brands for marketing, and representing the leading fashion houses along with Indian designers in publicity and sales, her simple mantra is to “get things done”. Always curious to know more, Tanushree also has an avid interest in Nutrition, Fitness and Fashion. She also judges people who don’t love dogs.